I have recently started using illustration as a means of documenting events in my life, but also as a way to reflect on past experiences, emotions and ideas as a sort of visual autobiography.

Current projects include working with Manchester International Festival to document their ‘Creative Community’ social events, and designing placemats for The British Council exploring how people engage with their city.

My annotated illustrations encourage you to engage with each piece in a playful way - in order to read the text, you have to turn the drawing in your hands, encouraging interaction and a quiet moment of lingering in a world of infinite scrolling.

Further examples of my work can be found over on my gallery or for the most up to date work, please visit my instagram. If you would like to commission a one-off illustration or would like me to document your event through a series of illustrations, please find more information below. 

Please read the important information at the bottom of this page before submitting an enquiry

Commission an Illustration

Would you like to commission an illustration? This could be a save the date for your wedding; an image of a loved one; your favourite building; or maybe something for your business; blog; social media; advertising; presentations; branding; etc.? 

A couple of points about my process:

  • I work from photographs which you will need to provide - this can be branding (e.g. logos) or a combination of images (e.g. a photo of your team; branding etc) which I can collage together

  • I usually write my own thoughts and reflections on a particular topic, however I can incorporate feedback; comments; or specific information as required. If you would prefer to have an image without annotation, that’s also completely fine!

Prices start at £30 but discounted or pro bono illustrations can be negotiated for not-for-profit organisations. Fill out the form below or email hi@bethclaremc.com for an informal chat.

Event Documentation

Would you like me to document your event through illustration? My standard rate is £30/hr which would include “research” time (attending the event, listening in, capturing the event in photos etc.) as well as production. Discounted or pro bono illustrations can be negotiated for not-for-profit organisations. Just so I can get a bit of an idea to prepare, please consider:

  • Would you prefer candid shots from during the event or posed shots from specific parts of the event?

  • How many illustrations are you looking for and what timescale would you like the finished illustrations completed in? (Estimates are fine at this stage!)

  • Are there any specific parts of the event that you would like to be documented?

A couple of points about my process:

  • I work from photographs and usually I take these myself during the event. I would be equally happy to work from photos that you provide after the event, however this may effect the timescales for work to be produced

  • I usually write my own thoughts and reflections around the illustrations, however I can incorporate conversation from the event / comments / specific information if needed

Interested? Please fill in the form below so that we can have an informal chat about your event!

Important Information:

Work consists of an agreed number of illustrations to be completed by a mutually agreed date at the agreed price. Illustrations are for one-time usage only by the client, original artwork and universal copyright rest with the illustrator.  In case of cancellation or decision not to use the illustrations by the client after they have been commissioned, 50% of the final fee is still due to the illustrator.  The illustrator will provide the illustrations electronically in .png file format unless otherwise agreed.