Event Documentation:

How does it work?

TLDR: I come to your event, take some photos and and help you to tell the story of your event using annotated digital illustrations!

The longer version: I work from photographs and usually I take these myself during your event. It’s helpful if you can tell the people attending what I’m doing but you might want the illustrations to be a surprise! I can use subterfuge, and I try to stay in the background in order to capture honest, candid moments. Please do let your guests know who I am and that I will be taking photos so that anyone who doesn’t want to be captured has the option to stay out of the documentation.

How long do you need to be at my event?

Depending on the nature of your event (and the number of illustrations you’re looking for), I can drop by for half an hour or stay for the full day!

Can I supply my own photographs?

I am equally happy to work from photos that you provide after the event, however I would need to see the photos before agreeing to any work and this option may effect the timescales for work to be produced. If you use your own photos and you want text, you would need to supply the wording.

What about the text?

I usually write my own thoughts and reflections around the illustrations but I can work with you to incorporate conversation from the event, comments, or specific information if needed. If you are looking for more than 2 illustrations, I will normally do a mixture of annotated and simple illustrations.

When will I receive my illustrations?

I aim to send all event documentation illustrations back within 7 days of your event. If you need them back sooner or have a specific photo that has a tighter deadline (e.g. if it’s for a gift) just let me know and I’ll do everything I can to accommodate!

Anything else to consider?

Would you prefer candid shots or posed shots from specific parts of the event? (Examples of both over here)

How many illustrations are you looking for and what timescale would you like the finished illustrations completed in? (Estimates are fine at this stage!)

Are there any specific parts of the event that you would like to be documented?

How much will it cost me?

My standard rate is £30/hr which would include “research” time (attending the event, listening in, capturing the event in photos etc.) as well as production of the illustrations. Discounted or pro bono illustrations can be negotiated for not-for-profit organisations - email hi@bethclaremc.com for an informal chat!

How do I make an enquiry?

Easy - just fill in the form below!

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