Professional Portfolio

I am a graduate member of the British Psychological Society and a member of the Division of Occupational Psychology's 'Youth Employment' working group. Below you will find information on my professional qualifications and previous experience.

Recent illustration work includes projects for The British Council and Manchester International Festival


Registered Test User: Occupational, Ability and Personality (Level A & B)

I am a Registered Test User, qualified in Ability and Personality Testing (Level A & B). My entry on the register can be seen here. I have a sound understanding of psychometric test use in the workplace, including the practical skills required to administer and interpret psychometric tests in occupational settings. Psychometric testing can be used for assessment, selection, development or coaching.

I can:

  • Choose appropriate psychometric tests for occupational testing;

  • Administer, score and interpret ability tests and the OPQ personality measure;

  • Give feedback on the results of psychometric tests to test takers.

For more information, including pricing, please send me an email:

OD Practitioner

I work as an OD Practitioner for an NHS Trust in the North-West of England. This involves supporting the management, co-ordination, design, delivering and monitoring of all staff engagement activities across the Trust including: health and wellbeing projects; on-boarding and induction training; leadership and management development; team engagement and development programmes (including analysis of team performance); coaching and mentoring; reward and recognition; team development; administering, analysing and reporting the results of the Trust’s Quarterly employee engagement survey; and OD and change projects.

party skills.jpg

Party Skills for the End of the World

During Manchester International Festival 2017 I taught knot tying, how to make snares and gas masks, along with how to navigate by the stars to audience members of the interactive, apocalyptic theatre experience 'Party Skills for the End of the World' by Shunt's Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari. 

MSc Organisational Psychology

I recently completed my MSc in Organisational Psychology at Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester and graduated in July 2018. My dissertation explored emotional labour in volunteer workers and focused on the special constabulary within Greater Manchester Police force.

BSc (Hons) Psychology and Human Resource Management

I have a first class honours degree in psychology and human resource management from Manchester Metropolitan University. My dissertation investigated whether students of higher education institutions in the UK perceived themselves as 'customers' and the implications of this on universities.


I love to create! From risograph printing and book binding to making felt christmas decorations - basically I love anything that involves using my hands to create! I am interested in exploring ways that craft and mastery of creative skills can link with individual and team development and this will be my main area of exploration in 2018.


Retail management

In my 'previous life' I was a retail manager working for high street and luxury brands such as Topshop and Whistles, both in standalone stores and within department stores such as Selfridges. This is where I developed my leadership acumen, love of developing people and my rather extravagantly sized wardrobe... Working in retail led to an interest in emotion and affect at work and in organisational citizenship behaviours.